What Our Clients Say

“Julie and Sarah have done an amazing job of raising our company’s profile and awareness of our product in a record amount of time. They’ve been extremely dedicated and committed to our success, and have an infectious can-do attitude combined with flawless execution, that has helped us tremendously. I cannot recommend Attune highly enough and look forward to working with them well into the future.”

Dave Winterhalter / Vice President, Marketing, Centage Corporation

“Right from the beginning, Attune Communications was able to understand Askuity's PR goals and help us to define a path to success. Early on, we made it clear that we had a fixed budget to work within and Attune was respectful of our scope and timeframe. They exceeded our expectations, allowing Askuity to gain exposure in a variety of high-volume publications. Attune went above and beyond, sourcing editors in the retail industry that we had not previously identified and securing articles within their respective publications. Based on our success to date, we look forward to once again working with Attune Communications for our future communications campaigns.”

Victor Coscarella / Director of Marketing, Askuity

“Having hired Attune at two different companies in the past several years, I can attest to their ability to rapidly distill what makes a company unique and use those core competencies to craft exceptional and on target messaging. Our first time working together they helped breathe new life into a dusty brand using fresh SME voices and extremely targeted pitching. In the second, they helped us to establish a brand in a wholly new space. This takes original thinking that can only come with the level of experience Attune has amassed.”

Angela Sarno / Senior Director, PaymentWorks

“Attune has been the best investment our company has made relative to marketing and being out front. They take the time to understand our business, listen more than they talk, take our philosophy and ideas and turn them into tangible pieces that our entire industry takes note of. I cannot say enough about the return on investment, never mind the enjoyment I get from working with such pros day in and day out.”

Mike McGowan / Vice President, Chime

“Attune Communications has enabled us to significantly increase industry awareness of our company and our retail solutions.  Over the past three years, they’ve helped us achieve continuous improvement in the quality and cadence of news releases, media coverage, thought leadership, industry awards, and social media. Their commitment, creativity and professionalism have been a real asset to our company.”

Kim Warne / Director of Global Marketing, Tyco Retail Solutions

“We trusted Sarah and Julie with our brand – a small company, competing in fierce markets, virtually unknown in the Americas, and in the middle of a global pandemic. Six months into their care, we've forged critical relationships with major trade publications, as well as securing coverage in some of the most important names in the IoT and tech media. We've found them to be flexible, able to work as seamlessly with outside organizations, our European marketing department, and our office here, as well as adjusting quickly to abrupt opportunities and rapid priority changes.”

Doug Roberson / CTO, Allterco Robotics

“In my B2B tech marketing world things are changing rapidly, from shifts in traditional media to the need to engage with online influencers. BreakingPoint worked with Attune Communications to implement a strategic public relations program that aligned with our marketing vision and combined traditional media and analyst relations with social media outreach. Fortunately, for me personally, I have had the chance now to work with Attune Communications at two different companies and I look forward to the time we make that three.”

Kyle Flaherty / Former Senior Director, Marketing & Global Corporate Communications, Ixia (formerly BreakingPoint)

“Attune Communications has helped us increase market awareness by supporting a holistic thought leadership and PR program. From strategy through execution, Attune has done a fantastic job with messaging development, media relations, content creation and event support, and they operate as a true extension of our team.”

Emily Munk / Senior Marketing Manager, Wesco

“Attune have been an incredible partner for us and a huge contributor to the growth and success of our business over the last 5 years. They are the driving force behind our now extensive brand awareness, and through their media outreach have made Chime a regular part of the national conversation around real estate technology, significantly raising the profile of the company. They are real PR experts, and play the lead role in defining our communications strategy, media pitches, and event messaging, operating as a true extension of our marketing team. Always positive and upbeat, they are a joy to work with!”

Dave Carter / Vice President, Marketing, Chime