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The 4 Unwritten Rules of Twitter

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Sure, there are 175 million people on Twitter, but not all of them are “power users” as our enterprise software clients might say. Many folks – maybe you – are still just checking out the medium, not yet tweeting, but reading to see what’s what. And you could spend hours trying to get acclimated, because Twitter lingo in and of itself is an art form (there are plenty of posts on how to decipher that). But there are also unwritten rules for Twitter that can be helpful to know when starting out…or if you consider yourself a power...

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Why Relationships (the in person kind) Still Matter

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One of the very first lessons I learned in my career in PR was about the value of building relationships. (Thank you Alison Durant and Jamie Kelly, experts in this field). I learned quickly that the sooner I got to know the audiences I was trying reach, the more quickly I could land a result, make an impression or solidify myself as a resource. I remember the  horror stories (particularly back in the dot com days and yes, I’m that old) of young PR professionals being asked to pitch everyone and anyone on their client’s latest and greatest...

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Why the “Field of Dreams” Approach Won’t Work for Google+

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Google + has received quite a bit of coverage lately as the site is now allowing users to create business and brand specific pages. As you might expect, this is something that is now on the Attune “to-do” list and we referenced the task at hand this week on Twitter. As our fellow social media advocate and client Adam Cupples pointed out, setting up a Google + page (as he just did for HarborOne U) is the easy part. The maintenance of said page is the real issue. We could not agree more as this is true for all social media channels...

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What’s Your “Go-to” Social Network?

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When you have a question who do you turn to and where do you go to ask it? Recently, I needed a recommendation for a user interface design expert. Since it had been a few years since I worked with anyone in this capacity (and a tedious search of Outlook came up empty) I wanted to get suggestions from my network. But the question became which medium was best? I considered using email, “Sorry for the mass email folks, but I have a quick question…” but hated how impersonal it seemed especially as some of the people on my list hadn’t heard...

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Do you Tweet Your Client’s News?

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I love new business meetings because I find when it comes to social media you never know what kind of reaction you are going to get. Of course, everyone asks about it, but in the B2B market, many folks see social media as a necessary evil. People understand they need to consider/implement/execute/recalibrate a social media strategy, yetresources continue to be tight and marketing is pulled in a number of different directions (these factors could be a whole other blog post). But it also seems we’re also at the point where many B2B...

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Yes, Virginia you can unplug: Why we all need the holiday break

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I am a sucker for the holidays. I love the non-stop holiday music, the cards in the mail, the annual visit to see Santa and so much more. But you know what I love most about the holidays? It’s the one time of year you have a legitimate pass to worry about things that have absolutely nothing to do with work. As a small business owner, I often underestimate how much time I actually “work” – especially given I work from my home office. A CBS news article I saw today (thank you Megan Lape) noted that working from home increases...

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Three New Case Studies

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We are really excited about the year ahead! Sarah and I have been working to update our content and web site after a viscous hack over the summer left our site pretty much decimated. Note to self: Just because you represent cyber security vendors does not make you immune to cyber threats! We are still in a work in progress here, but in the meantime we wanted to share our latest case studies which highlight everything from our Jump Start program to brand development to the effectiveness of tried and true PR for overall market awareness. See...

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Need a Jump Start on PR?

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Need a Jump Start on PR?

Secured your first round of funding and got a ton of press, but not sure what to say next? Launched a new product, but don’t know how to maintain visibility? Getting ready for the biggest trade show of the year and want to make a splash? Our Jump Start Program is for you.

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Welcome to the AttunedIn Blog

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Welcome to the AttunedIn Blog and our first official post! We’re happy you stopped by because we’re really looking forward to chatting with you about the world of communications, client service, and yes, occasionally parenthood. If you haven’t read about us yet, please do! Let us give you a quick introduction. We’re a couple of savvy communications professionals who remember when Facebook was something only college kids did. That’s right; when it opened to the masses, we joined Facebook for professional reasons,...

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