Our Story

We’ve been in synch since the day we met. Back before the dot com bust, we were just a couple of twenty something’s trying to make our way in technology public relations. We found common ground in our results-oriented approach, our work ethic and our love of a new show called, “American Idol.”

Through the years we’ve worked together to build brands both large and small, navigated the supposed death of the press release and the rise of social media, and learned that motherhood is the toughest job of all.  What makes our partnership successful, then and now, is that we are just as attuned to each other’s strengths and weaknesses as we are to our clients’ needs. Our complimentary skills and styles are based on the same foundation and belief that communications work best when they are based on business objectives.

To learn more about why our clients keep coming back, view our testimonials. If you already know your communications campaigns could stand to be more attuned to your business needs contact us today!