What’s Your “Go-to” Social Network?

When you have a question who do you turn to and where do you go to ask it? Recently, I needed a recommendation for a user interface design expert. Since it had been a few years since I worked with anyone in this capacity (and a tedious search of Outlook came up empty) I wanted to get suggestions from my network. But the question became which medium was best? I considered using email, “Sorry for the mass email folks, but I have a quick question…” but hated how impersonal it seemed especially as some of the people on my list hadn’t heard from me in a few months. I considered Twitter (too noisy, would anyone see my question?), Google + (too quiet) and LinkedIn (too many sales pitches), but ultimately decided on Facebook.

Before we go on, I should mention that for me I started Facebook strictly for professional purposes when the API first opened. Given I was working with enterprise software clients at the time it didn’t yield any value and thus transitioned into a personal endeavor. Since then I rarely use Facebook for “work” purposes. I don’t connect with clients unless they are actual friends — mostly because I post disgustingly cute pictures of my kids, roll my eyes at my husband and let my inner cynic roam free (for better or worse). So why the change of heart? I needed trusted answers and I needed them fast.

Twitter is often my “go-to” social network tool as I find it incredibly valuable to learn from and connect with others whom I never would have met otherwise (I’ve even turned one such relationship into a paying client!). LinkedIn is a great tool that I don’t do enough with frankly, but it left me vulnerable to “pitches” that I didn’t have time to weed through. I wanted to be sure that I would get an answer from people who knew my standards. After a quick post on Facebook I had five recommendations from people I know and love. For this instance, trust was critical and that can be a tricky concept in the age of social networks.

We’d love to hear about your “go-to” social network and how you use it so post your thoughts in the comments!

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