Why the “Field of Dreams” Approach Won’t Work for Google+

Google + has received quite a bit of coverage lately as the site is now allowing users to create business and brand specific pages. As you might expect, this is something that is now on the Attune “to-do” list and we referenced the task at hand this week on Twitter. As our fellow social media advocate and client Adam Cupples pointed out, setting up a Google + page (as he just did for HarborOne U) is the easy part. The maintenance of said page is the real issue.

We could not agree more as this is true for all social media channels not just Google+. The task of creating ongoing, valuable interaction and engagement is where the real heavy lifting begins.

Let’s be clear. This is not “Field of Dreams.” Just because you build it doesn’t mean people will come (sorry James Earl Jones). This is especially true if you are a smaller company or lesser known brand. Building and engaging your audience on any social media channel requires a significant, time-intensive effort. You need to listen, respond, analyze, modify…and then repeat! Day in and day out.

I know, sounds exhausting! But this level of consistency is critical which is why we remind clients that before taking the jump into social media be sure to have real  resources in place.  There’s nothing worse than putting your stake in the ground on some social media site, starting to engage with folks and then…going dark. If you can’t find the time to participate in your own social media discussion, why would anyone else?

Social media can be an incredibly valuable marketing vehicle and we’re all waiting to see how sites like Google+ play out. But like anything that’s worth doing, the more work (smart work) you put in, the better the reward. Decide on your goals, map out your plan and commit to it. Give yourself the opportunity to see it work. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go start our Google+ page. 🙂

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